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Welcome to the Dragon Claw website. To proceed further you must register as someone with one of the three diseases listed above, be a care giver or be an invited clinician. Have a look at the video!

Dragon Claw aims to make life easier for those dealing with these awful diseases. Over the twelve months we will be making this site bigger and better with some very unique features. This all takes time and money so please be a little patient.

Join Dragon Claw to -  monitor your health, find out what others are doing, share information, read research articles, manage anxiety and depression, talk online to allied health professionals, GP's and rheumatologists. So join up, it is free.

Mr Steve Irons MP, Federal Parliament of Australia met with Michael Gill, founder, of Dragon Claw on 26 February 2016. For the past 8 years Mr Irons has been the chair of the Standing Committee on Health. The Standing Committee is currently conducting an inquiry into Chronic Disease Prevention and Management in Primary Health Care and Dragon Claw presented its white paper dealing with biologics and biosimilar concerns.