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 Precision Medicine

"Precision medicine was meant to see the end of ‘maximum tolerated dose’ as the standard for introducing new drugs. It hasn’t happened, and many patients continue to suffer unnecessary toxicity from overtreatment."  Quoted from a very interesting article dealing with cancer but the issues apply to us as well.  Read the full article here.

New Medication for Rheumatoid

There is a new drug being tested from the pharmaceutical company AbbVie.  The clinical trials have focused on Upadacitinib (ABT-494) which is orally administered and belongs to the JAK family of drugs.  Success in the trials will mean that this drug will be suitable for patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.  More importantly perhaps, is the fact that it is given without the need for methotrexate. Good news for the future!

Sign the Petition

In Australia, the only choice to manage pain has been taking painkillers like coedine that often create more problems and harms than they address.  If codeine is no longer available over the counter then people with chronic pain need accessible and alternative treatments!

I am Mary-Lynne Cochrane, a Good Samaritan Sister who knows what it is like living with chronic pain. I am one individual – I want to change one thing that would help countless others like me. Dragon Claw supports Mary-Lynne.  The Therapeutic Goods Administration is removing one of the few choices that people living with pain  – over-the-counter codeine.

Join me in my call to the Liberal and Labor parties: we urgently need an action plan for access to treatments for people with chronic pain. 

Sign the petition at: HERE

More than Meditation

The Lewis Institute, a Dragon Claw partner – is offering over a five week period “The More Than Meditation Course” which provides tuition in mindfulness and many other techniques that can be used throughout the day. The emphasis is on brain training concepts that actually build positive neural structures in the brain. The course begins on 22 February in Melbourne.  To see the details of the next course click HERE 

 The Dragon Invited to be Part of A3BC

Despite major medical advances in treatment, not all people respond, many develop significant side effects, and there remain no cure or prevention for arthritis and musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. The Australian Arthritis and Autoimmune Collaborative (A3BC) was formed in 2016 by leading Rheumatology clinicians and scientists from over 40 sites across Australia to enable world-class translational research. The A3BC vision is to give the right treatment at the right time for the best possible outcomes in children and adults with arthritis/MSK conditions across their lifespan and, ultimately, to find a cure.

We are very proud to be part of this initiative and as things develop will keep members informed.  More detail is available via Media Central on the menu bar.


Don't miss our extensive video collection under the main menu - Video Library.  The content covers everything from gut bugs to hand exercises.  New videos are added monthly.


ARAD is a national Australian database which collects important health information from individuals with inflammatory arthritis. If you would like to participate in the survey go here HERE and look for ARAD bottom left.

OMERACT - Outcome Measures in Rheumatology - will be holding it world conference in Terrigal, NSW in 2018.

Quick Reads

Want to learn about your condition but can't read scientific articles?  No problem.  Dragon Claw provides short simple summaries of some of the best and makes them available just for you the Member under the sub-menu item Quick Reads.

Street Art

As you move through the site and its many sections you will notice unusual art works, usually at the top of each main section.  More will be added as time goes by.  These images are street art from Sydney, Australia.  We are using these images (with permission) to make the site distinctive and memorable. We particularly wanted to move away from clinical images and happy smiling faces which are so routine these days.  Hope you like the images.

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