Know Your Disease

Take control of your disease and demand to learn something about your condition. Being part of a group with a common issue is helpful and you want to find out what there is to do other than just seeing a doctor.

Be part of this growing global community.  Discover the colours and textures of your condition from other members.  Get support, share ideas, advance your knowledge and have a little fun.

At Dragon Claw we believe that it is so important to take control of your disease, to own the condition and to command it.  Clinicians are vital but they can only do so some much in a fifteen minute consultation.  There is so much more opportunity for you to manage your own condition and improve your quality of life.

By joining Dragon Claw you are taking the first step.  As time goes on we plan on tens of thousands of members from all over the world.  Just imagine the group knowledge; the group understanding of the disease; how your ability to cope will be enhanced!

Tell us your story.  How you got the disease, how you are coping and what of the future.  No two sufferers seem to have exactly the same disease characteristics so what you can share is important.  Write up your story and send it to us. Just before you start on the project just visit My Story on the main menu and check it out.

Be cool and join the Dragon!



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